Pilot issue the magazine “RELAY PROTECTION AND AUTOMATION” was published in November 2010.

The certificate of registration of mass media Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) - PI №FS77 - 4429 from 15.03.2011.

Circulation: 4000 copies.
Periodicity: 1 time per quarter.
Distribution: The Russian Federation and foreign countries.

  • Nonprofit Partnership “Advancement of Relay Protection, Automation and Control in Electric Power Engineering” (NP “SRZAU”);
  • Limited Liability Company “Advertising and Publishing Center “Advancement of Relay Protection, Automation and Control in Electric Power Engineering” (LLC “APC ”SRZAU”);
  • Aleksey Konstantinovich Belotelov.

  • specialists of enterprises and organizations ;
  • students, graduate students and teachers of higher educational institutions;
  • employees of research institutes and scientific centers;
  • teachers and students training courses in the field of electric power industry.

Issues of design and operation of relay protection devices, automation, auxiliary current systems and automatic process controls in the electric power industry.

Two main sections form the basis of the magazine: SCIENCE and PRACTICE.
The SCIENCE section includes analytical reviews on topical issues and articles on equipment used in the electric power industry. Through the example of their own engineering solutions, equipment manufacturers tell in detail about operation principles and design of their new equipment.
In the section PRACTICE specialists of operation departments share their work experience and ideas about the ways of further development of the electric power sector.

Subject headings of the magazine:
  • Relay protection;
  • Automation: line, system, emergency control automation;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Equipment monitoring system;
  • Neutral grounding modes;
  • Auxiliary current;
  • Auxiliary DC system;
  • Auxiliary system;
  • Fault current limitation;
  • Automatic process control system;
  • IEC 61850;
  • Digital substation;
  • Automatic dispatch control system;
  • Simulation;
  • Design;
  • Tests;
  • Qualification;
  • Certification;
  • Personnel;
  • Training;
  • Operation-related recommendations.

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